Sunday, December 19, 2010


ModelingDesignersFashionSenses stands for the title of MDFS. This blog will be about my modeling experiences, fashion trends, and the overall industry of fashion. I want to first share with you why I love fashion. Fashion is the expression of the soul in my eyes. When someone is in front of a camera they can tap into their soul, and express different emotions through clothing. Clothing is much more than a pretty face it defines generations. I am a young aspiring model at the moment and a student also. I love fashion, and expressing myself through a moment. I have learned a lot over the past months through my pursuit of modeling. Currently I am going to put off future shoots, unless previously discussed, to further myself as a model. I am going to be working on my body, and making it even better than before. I want to be the best I can be. Thank you to all those out there who have supported me, and also shot with me. Please keep in touch everyone. Below are some of the images that have been created thus far in my modeling.

Copyright: Sean P Watters, AJRImaging, & Jon Whitney