Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fusion Fashion Show 2011 Wrap Up

If some of you remember I blogged about the Fusion Fashion Show 2011. For anyone that doesn't remember, or this is the first time reading my blog the show was about challenging fashion concepts. Making something fresh and new. This was a fashion competition between the two elite fashion schools of FIT and Parsons.This was a great experience for me. I met some great people, and made a great friend with my designer Grace Lee. She is amazing too! Will do great things.

  Her looks for her collection challenged the simple aesthetic of classic traditions set before her. Her looks represented something new, modern, and chic, which in my opinion was something that looked a cross of Marc Jacobs and J.Crew. Her pieces were something I would definitely have in my closet to say the least!

Behind the scenes of the fashion show were crazy!!! Everyone rushing around putting clothes out, and calling people out. The biggest part was the rush going out to do my walk with all the people, and flashes going off. But I stuck my ground, and looked straight ahead as if no one was there. I stayed in my zone, and worked it out!!!

The judges of the show were as the follow:

MaryKate Steinmiller - Teen Vogue

David Yassky - Stylist and creator of

Todd Thomas - Designer, Victoria's Secret

Daniel Feld - Designer and Project Runway alum

Peter Davis - Editor-at-large, Paper Magazine

Fashion Fashion Show 2011 is over now, but will forever live in my memory. This will be a great experience remembered by me. Below is some of the pictures I got back from my catwalk and behind the scenes of the show! The quality is not the greatest.
So I will post when I get a better picture back, but for now I will post this. Also I have a video of my walk coming soon too!!!

Keep it fresh!! Thanks for reading.

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