Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's My Time

Hello! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!!
Sunday wraps it up for me, and I wanted to share something with you.
As some of you know I did an online competition for South Moon Under.
I had gotten far in the competition onto the last process before they choose the final six, but
unforunately to say I didn't make the cut. They competition was fierce and excellent, and at the end of the day they choose what best represented their retail store. But that is how the business works. There will be things you get and things you don't, just like in life. What's important is to look for the positive, and keep on moving forward. If you don't do something for the love of it then why do it all? Because in the end the passion is what keeps the senses going.

But it came to my attention of another online casting going on for the United Colors Of Benetton. So I have entered in another competition, and we will see what happens next. But I am just living day to day, and doing what I love to do. Keep your passion alive. I want to thank you all for your support for my last contest, and would appreciate any of your support for my new contest. All you gotta do is hit the like button, and leave a comment if you want. I will put the link here, and on facebook. Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

Keep Living The Dream

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