Sunday, January 9, 2011

South Moon Under

As some of you would know I am doing a modeling contest currently.
This contest is chance to particpate in a shoot. The next round is making it to the photo shoot. After the shoot they decide who will be featured in the South Moon Under Campaign. I would be really excited, and honored if I got chosen. This would be a next great step for me in my modeling career. As this opportunity would provide for me a tearsheet. For anyone reading this, and didn't understand a tearsheet is an awesome thing!! it provides something to show that a model can book a job, it adds experience. Experience is a great thing.

I really hope to get this opportunity. The casting for this campaign opportunity ends 2/21/11. I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart that has been voting for me. I hope you will continue to do so, and I encourage those who support me as a model to vote! You can vote everday and once a day. I hope I can get everyone's support. Blessings to everybody!! I hope I get to make it through the next round, so I can get to the photo shoot.

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