Sunday, January 2, 2011

To My Fellow Models

Hey everyone as the holidays close, and the new year sets in, I wanted to write about some motivation. As for the career of fashion calls for a lot of it. For models we must keep strong and determined. I have had some fellow model friends be really down on themselves, because of big things that fell through. Yet I believe they have so much potential still.

Yes granted I understand the sadness that comes from something not working out, but does that mean to stop loving something you do? I think we should all keep on! Just, because we might not have the right body, height, or weight etc. Doesn't mean you should give up!!! Keep on going!! What separates the good models from the icons would be perseverance.

 Find what's missing, and work hard at it. If you really love something, and would like to do, why not give it your all? At least at the end you know you tried your best, either success or no success. But if you don't make it as a model that doesn't mean other great things are in store for you.

All models don't model forever! Models move onto do other great things like acting, starting an agency, being an agent, fashion line, jewlery lines, other things etc. If you love fashion there are other paths out there except modeling, or pursue other passions. What I will end on is my favorite fashion icon, Kate Moss, this woman has worked it, made herself the exception to the rule. She stands at 5"6 yet has been in numerous campaigns, covers, runways, and created her own clothing line and so much more. If anyone knows modeling knows most models have to be 5"8 or above to be even considered in the female department. If this girl can work it out, and be hugely successful! You can too!! Just don't give up, and make yourself the exception to the rule. Keep on working on your dreams.

Oliver Cheshire: 5"9

Kate Moss: 5"6

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